NCMC RuPay Contactless Debit Card

National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) is a feature introduced on RuPay Contactless Debit Card which allows you to make payments across NCMC enabled terminals at metro stations, parking lots etc in a fraction of second, just by tapping the card on the card reader. NCMC is equipped with multiple functions, including offline wallet payments (currently up to Rs.2000/- and subject to change as prescribed by RBI from time to time) to simplify travel across different modes by digitising payment. Please enable ‘contactless’ feature on your Debit Card today itself to enjoy seamless travel & digital payment experience.


Offline Contactless Payments

The contactless payments made after loading money in the wallet are referred to as offline payments. Offline payments do not require an online connectivity with the card issuing bank, hence you don’t need to enter 4-digit pin. Card wallet balance is used to make such offline mode of payments and you can make payments up to INR 2000 with this functionality.



What is the maximum top up limit of card balance available at any given point of time?  

You are allowed to top up the card wallet to a maximum value of Rs 2000 /-. At any given point of time, the maximum balance will be Rs. 2,000.


Can I reload the card balance/Physical wallet account?  

Yes, you can top up/reload the card balance before it exhausts, so as to make seamless contactless payments. 


How do I reload card balance?  

Card balance can be topped up via “Add Money” channels, which can be done in following ways:  

  • Money Add Cash: You may approach a transit point /merchant/operator authorized to top up the card balance (money load transaction). You must pay the amount to be topped up in cash to the merchant/operator and the operator will perform a money add transaction from POS device to top-up the card balance.  
  • Money Add Account: You may approach transit point /merchant/operator to top up the card using savings/Current account. The operator will initiate this money add from POS device to top-up the card balance. The top-up amount will be deducted from card linked account and get added to the card balance.  


Where can I use my RuPay Contactless Debit Cards for Offline payments?  

Transit fare payment system including metros, buses etc., toll payments, parking area payments, Restaurants and other retail outlets wherever Offline mode of payments are made available. 


What is the validity period of my card?  

The Card is valid up to the expiry date as mentioned on the card. 


How to activate the Offline Wallet?

By default, Offline Wallet will be inactive when the card is received by customer. Customer must activate the Offline Wallet by visiting transit operator’s terminal (metro, bus terminal etc.) and performing either of the two transactions i.e. Add Money & Service Creation.


How to use Federal Bank National Common Mobility cards (NCMC) Rupay Debit Card for Offline Purchases? 

NCMC Debit Card can be used for performing offline transactions in any offline enabled designated terminals like Metro travel and shopping at Retail Stores. 

  • Step 1: Enable ‘Contactless’ feature on your Card through FedMobile or FedNet or IVR or through 0484-6716700/ 0484-2866700 branches.
  • Step 2: Visit the customer care desk of Metro station and ask for ‘Service Creation’ Transactions on your Debit Card.
  • Step 3: Load money to your wallet either by using the same Debit Card or by depositing cash at the Metro station counter.
  • Step 4: Perform a ‘Balance Update’ transaction at the designated transport operator terminal. Please note that Balance Update is mandatory before you start using your Card.
  • Step 5: Your Card is ready to use now. 
  • Step 6: Just tap the NCMC enabled Rupay Debit Card on the device at entry gate of Metro/any offline enabled terminal.
  • Step 7: Actual fare will be displayed and deducted from the wallet on your NCMC enabled Rupay Debit Card.
  • Step 8: POS terminals at the designated transit station will be enabled to show the real wallet balance. The available balance can also be viewed while performing the transaction at the entry gates.

Similar process will be followed in other Transit modes where the functionality is live. 


How to create the service area on card?

Request for creation of services should be placed by customer by taking the card to the designated terminal of transit operator and request to be made with them for desired service. Service Creation refers to merchant specific services such as monthly Metro pass.