Federal Bank Rishta Anthem

Federal Bank Rishta Anthem


Federal Bank recreates their Sonic Identity for this World Music Day, through a Corporate Anthem performed by employees

Federal Bank, a pioneer in digital banking, proudly announces the launch of its captivating Corporate Anthem for this World Music Day, a harmonious blend of technology and human spirit. This anthem, performed by a talented ensemble of employees collaborating from various branches and offices from across the country.

The Corporate Anthem, an adaptation of the iconic Musical Logo (MOGO), composed by BrandMusiq, resonates with the Bank’s core values and ethos. “Sacha Hai Dil ka ye Rishta…”— is a heartfelt ode to the enduring relationships the Bank shares with its customers, employees, stakeholders and amongst themselves. Adapted across 7 different languages, the essence is undiluted and yet distilled.

Federal Bank’s Musical Logo (MOGO) is the sonic essence of the brand created by Brand Musiq in 2020 which in musical terms evokes the core values, emotions, and persona of the organization. Over the last 4 years, the Bank has released 14 different genres of the Musical Logo to celebrate the festive and cultural nuances with a Federal touch.

In the year 2022, for World Music Day, the Bank had launched a music campaign celebrating the symphony of sounds that the customers are accustomed to hearing at a bank branch or on their banking devices. The tones made by ATM, the whirr of cash being dispensed, the payment completion tone in the Mobile Banking App, the sound of a passbook printer, the click of locks at the vault, etc. were fused with the Bank's sonic identity to underline the brand’s positioning of ‘Digital at the Fore. Human at the Core’.

This year the brand’s anthem Key Highlights include:


 Unity in Diversity: Employees from diverse backgrounds, spanning from executive to junior levels, united their voices and instruments to create this melodic masterpiece.

 Digital Innovation: The anthem seamlessly weaves the Bank’s digital sonic identity with the warmth of human voices, embodying the motto: ‘Digital at the Fore. Human at the Core.’

 Lyrical MOGO: With verses in seven Indian languages, the anthem celebrates team spirit, authenticity, and progress.

 Youthful Energy: The anthem reflects the Bank’s youthful dynamism and progressive outlook.


The theme of the lyrical MOGO is team spirit, authenticity, digital progression and above all, the warmth of relationships. The brand leverages music as a unifying factor to convey the spirit of togetherness. The anthem represents the brand’s youthfulness, energy, progressiveness, and unity of the Federal fraternity.