Public Notice

Publice Notice

This is to bring to the notice of the public at large that certain unscrupulous persons  have been misusing the name of THE FEDERAL BANK LTD and its wholly owned subsidiary FEDBANK FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD (Companies) without their authority or knowledge and are making unsolicited bogus commercial communications to their customers and to members of the general public on fake letterheads of the Companies purportedly signed by authorized officials offering loans and seeking deposit of various amounts as processing fees, legal fees etc to Bank accounts other than that of the Companies.


The general public is hereby informed that the Companies are in no way connected to such fraudulent persons who are attempting to misuse their names. Customers and the general public are hereby cautioned not to deal with any such unauthorized persons and not be misled by their representations. It is further informed that the Companies shall not be responsible for any loss/ consequences that may be caused to anybody in dealing with such unauthorized persons.

The Companies hereby caution and warn all unauthorized persons who are misleading the public to refrain from using the name of the Companies for making unsolicited commercial communications without the knowledge and authority of the companies and that stringent legal action will be initiated against any such person found indulging in any such unauthorized activity using the name of the Companies.