Opening a Demat Account Online Quickly



What is a Demat Account?

Back in the day, buying and selling shares required a lot of paperwork. However, technology has now made things easier with the help of Demat Accounts.

A Demat Account holds one's stocks and other securities in digital form. Think of it as a bank account. The only difference is that in a Demat Account, instead of money, one's investments are kept digitally. Thus, it is easy to buy and sell them online, without the need for physical certificates. For someone looking to invest in the stock market, opening a Demat Account is the first step to start the journey.


Features and Benefits

  • Removes Risk: Share certificates can be lost, stolen or damaged. Demat Accounts hold shares online, ruling out the risk of loss or theft.
  • Cost Effective: With a Demat Account, buying and selling of investments is done online, making it quicker and cheaper than paperwork.
  • One Account, Many Uses: Apart from shares, a Demat Account lets one hold many other securities such as Bonds, Government Securities, Mutual Funds, etc. in a digital format.
  • Loan Facility: Investments in a Demat Account can be used as security for taking a Loan.
  • Easy Access: Demat Accounts are online. So, they can be accessed anywhere via a laptop, tablet or smartphone.


How to Apply for a Demat Account Online?

Opening a Demat Account used to include filling out multiple forms, but Federal Bank has made the process easier by letting clients open an account in just 50 seconds. Federal Bank's internet banking solution - FedNet - offers this convenient service.

To open a Demat Account using FedNet, follow the steps given below -

1. Login to FedNet

2. Go to 'Account'

3. Select 'Services'

4. Go to 'Open Demat Account'

Voila! One can have their very own Demat Account within seconds.

Say goodbye to the struggle of paperwork and branch visits. With Federal Bank's digital service, one can sign up anytime, even on holidays! It is available 24/7 for total convenience.

Federal Bank's Virtual Assistant 'Feddy' is available to guide one through the process.


Bottom Line

The number of Demat Accounts in India has risen from 8.4 crores in 2022 to 11 crores in January, 2023. This shows that more Indians are taking interest in investing in the stock market.

It is important to choose the right agent or bank to get proper guidance. Federal Bank provides one with the complete resources to become 'investment-ready' and supports them through their long-term wealth creation journey.

Visit the Federal Bank website and open a Demat Account quickly via FedNet.