NRE Fixed Deposit

NRE Fixed Deposit

Are you looking for an attractive investment scheme to park your funds with assured higher returns. Then Federal Fixed Deposit scheme is a right option for you to invest your hard earned money and get periodical income by way of interest

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Key features are:

  • Minimum period of NRE term deposit is 1 Year and maximum 10 years.
  • In the case of cash certificate, interest accrued on quarterly basis will be added to the principal (reinvestment plan). 
  • Premature withdrawal of deposit is permitted. 
  • Advance will be granted up to 90% of the deposit
  • Loan can be repaid by remittance from abroad, transfer from NRE/FCNR/NRO account of the borrower or liquidation of the deposit.
  • Deposit made and interest accrued thereon can be repatriated outside India at any time.
  • Interest accrued on NRE accounts are exempt from Indian Income Tax Act as far as the NRI is resident outside India
  • No wealth tax payable for the amount outstanding in NRE accounts
  • Premature withdrawal allowed, no interest will be paid before completion of 1 year. 

You can open NRE Fixed deposit in any of the following ways:

Leave your contact details to us so that our representatives will reach you and assist you to open the deposit. To request a call back, please click here.


If you are already using our Internet Banking, FedNet, you can open the deposit online.

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