Do's and Don't to Secure your Mobile Phone

Do's and Don't to Secure your Mobile Phone

  • Never connect your mobile phone through an un-secured Wi-Fi connection available in public places such as airports etc
  • Don't open every SMS / MMS as it may contain viruses, especially from unknown sources
  • Never accept offers such as caller tunes or dialer tunes from unknown sources
  • Try and avoid using Bluetooth in public places, as someone can access your confidential data / information
  • Never open / download emails or attachments from unknown sources
  • Be careful about the websites you are browsing. If they do not sound authentic, do not download anything from it
  • Change your MPIN periodically
  • Observe the padlock symbol on the bar of the browser to ensure that the site is running in secure mode

Tips on the Use of Security Measures

  • We are committed to provide secure mobile banking experience. We strive to utilize state-of-the-art technology to protect your financial information. We employ a wide range of security features for our website
  • 128-bits Secure Socket Layer
  • Encryption
  • Two levels of PIN for executing Transactions Online
  • Our systems are protected at all times by a powerful firewall

Tips on the Use of PIN

  • Always choose unique PIN numbers only
  • Avoid choosing PIN that are obvious birthdays, telephone numbers etc
  • Destroy the PIN mailer after memorizing or changing the PIN after first usage
  • Your PIN should be 4-digits number
  • Do not use a PIN that contains part of your account number
  • Do not disclose your Mobile Banking PIN to anybody, not even to a Bank employee

Tips on the use of Mobile Banking


Beware of Virus

  • Do not download any software or game application without verifying its security and privacy features from the website
  • To protect from the virus use anti-virus software:
  • Install anti-spyware software in your mobile phone
  • Delete junk messages and chain messages
  • Do not access any URL that you are not sure about
  • Do not download any file from sites that you are not sure about

Configure the PIN for your mobile handset

  • All the mobile handsets have the optional feature of a PIN which can be set up. Once you switch on the mobile phone, the PIN is validated to use your mobile handset

Update your mobile handset with latest software

  • The manufacturer or dealer of your mobile may provide updated software for your mobile phone regularly.
  • You must check the availability of software updates regularly from the website

Do not share your mobile handset

  • Do not forget the following if you have to share your mobile handset or send it for maintenance:
  • Clear the browsing history from time to time
  • Do not allow others access your mobile phones before logging out from sites
  • Remove the temporary files and the cache file from your handset regularly

Do not share your MPIN with anyone

  • Its highly suggested that you should not share your MPIN with anyone for security reasons

Do not leave your Mobile Banking application session unattended. Always log off from your session

  • Do not close the application in middle by exiting from browser, instead do log out and then close the browser