INR Drawing Arrangements

Fed Fast – Tele remittance from Gulf Countries

Through Fed Fast NRIs can make Rupee remittance from Gulf countries to the beneficiary's account in India. Once the remitter remits money at the Bank / Exchange house in the GCC countries or UK, the amount is credited to the beneficiary's account with Federal Bank / or any other Bank within a short span of time. Fed Fast is not restricted to the Federal Bank customers alone. Any NRI can remit funds through Fed Fast to account in with any bank in India.
Federal Bank has tie-up with reputed Exchange Houses and Banks in the Middle East. The state of the art technology procured by the bank, effects hassle free remittances to India, at express speed.

Remittance through Demand Drafts from GCC Countires

NRIs can make remittance to India by taking Demand Drafts from Exchange Companies in GCC Countries and mailing it to the beneficiary.