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Mamanikkunnu Sree Mahadevi Temple

Mamanikunnu temple is situated on the eastern bank of Irikkur River. Irikkur is a small but ancient town in Taliparamba Taluk of Kannur District of Kerala State.Even as recently as 50 years ago, this part of the country was dense forest. Beyond the gramam occupied by Brahmins before, it was all forest land. It is believed that thousands of years ago this was ‘Yajna Bhoomi' of Parsurama. Many rishis were doing penance in the forest. The hillock on which the temple is now situated was the seat of number of rishis. Therefore it came to be known as "Mamunikkunnu". That name suffered a small alteration in the long run and became "Mamanikkunnu".
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Dharmasthala Manjunatha Swami Temple





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Vallarpadom Church

The Basilica of Our Lady of Ransom, Vallarpadam-Ernakulam is a famous centre of pilgrimage. People from all parts of Kerala and outside, irrespective of caste or creed go to the church to seek the blessings of Mary, the mother of Jesus, popularly known as "Vallarpadathamma". This is an ancient Christian Church built in 1524. Portuguese merchants headed by Vasco da Gama enthroned this miraculous picture of Our lady of Ransom at the shrine. The church was dedicated to the Holy Spirit, which was the first of its kind in Asia. The famous picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary was erected by Portuguese who brought it from their native land. The picture is believed to have miraculous powers. 
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Arthunkal Church

Arthunkal St. Andrew's Forane Church, the first Parish of the Diocese of Alleppey has been elevated to the status of Basilica on 9th of July 2010. Arthunkal Basilica will become the 7th Basilica in Kerala. Arthunkal is a major Christian pilgrim centre in Alappuzha district of Kerala. The St. Sebastian's church feast at St Andrew's Basilica Church is celebrated from 10 to 27 Jan. The St Sebastian's statue will be kept in front of the church altar on 18th Jan at 5 am. The procession of the Saint in a palanquin, on 20 January, by hundreds of devotees from church to beach chapel and back attracts a huge crowd of devotees. More than two lakh pilgrims visit the church during the festival. The octave is on 27 January with a procession of the Saint's statue to the beach. 


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St. Alphonsa Shrine, Bharananganam


St. Alphonsa Shrine, Bharananganam is an important pilgrim centre in South India, is located on the banks of Meenachil river, 5 km east of Pala in Kottayam district in the state of Kerala. Saint Alphonsa is the first person to be conferred sainthood from the Kerala Church, which traces its origins to the visit of St. Thomas around 2,000 years ago to preach the gospel in India. Thousands of people converge on the small town of Bharananganam when they celebrate the feast of Saint Alphonsa from 19th to 28th July each year; her tomb is becoming a pilgrimage site these days as miracles are reported by some devotees.


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St. Antony's Shrine, Kaloor

The Shrine of St. Antony situated in Kaloor, Kerala is one of the biggest pilgrim centres of St. Antony in the world. This Shrine belongs to the Archdiocese of Verapoly. The name St. Anthony of Padua is very much popular with the devotees. St. Anthony of Padua was a saint who lived in Italy in the middle ages (1195-1231) and led the people to true faith. Though he was a Portuguese by birth, he became famous for his great miraculous deeds and powerful sermons in the Italian town of Padua and hence the name St. Anthony of Padua.
Just like the name Padua got associated with the Saint Anthony who lived there and motivated the people there to turn to God, Kaloor too became synonymous with St. Anthony and his wonder works. It is now believed to be the greatest pilgrim centre of St. Anthony in Asia. The shrine saw astounding growth during its almost a century old history. 
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Kanjiramattom Mosque

Kanjiramattom Mosque, about 25 km southeast of Kochi city, Kerala is built in memory of Saint Sheikh Fariduddin. The quaint ambience of the mosque is enhanced by the mazhars and dargahs.  
The famous annual event here is the Kanjiramattom Kodikuthu which falls in the month of January. A ritual called chandanakkudam (literally, sandalwood pot) is conducted as part of the event to honour Saint Fariduddin.
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Cheraman Juma Masjid


Cheraman Juma Masjid is a mosque in Methala, Kodungallur Taluk in the Indian state of Kerala. It is said to be the very first mosque in India, built in 629 AD by Malik lbn Dinar. It is believed that this mosque was first renovated and reconstructed in the 11th century AD. People from far and near irrespective of caste and creed visit this holy place and pay their homage.


You can make donations to Cheraman Juma Masjid through your mobile using IMPS facility.
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St. George Church, Edappally


St. George's Syro-Malabar Catholic Forane Church, popularly known as Edappally Church, is situated in Edappally, which is about 10 km from Cochin. This is one of the oldest churches in Kerala built in 594 AD. In 1080, a new church was built adjacent to the old church. Every year, a grand nine-day festival is celebrated here in the month of April - May. The church is also quite popular amongst the non-Christians, who also come here for veneration.


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St. Jude Church, Kunnoth

St. Jude Church is a very famous Shrine located at Kunnoth, Vallithode of Kannur district, Kerala which was established in 1870. The church is known for miracles unravelled by St. Jude and special prayer meetings are held on every Thursdays, attended by  hundreds of  followers.  The Forane Church under the control of Thalasssery Diocese is very popular among the believers across the hilly terrains of Vallithode, Iritty, Ulikkal,Peravoor and its surrounding areas. 


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Alamcode Juma Masjid


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St. George Forane Church, Edathuva

St. George Forane Church Edathua, is one of the prominent and prospering foranes under the Archdiocese of Chaganacherry. Most Rev. Raymond, the Vicar Apostolica of Varappuzha Vicariate, granted the canonical` permission to construct a church at Koilmukku, Edathua in 1810.

Founded on 29 September, 1810, the Edathua Church wields a profound influence in the spiritual, material, social and educational realms of the thousands of people, belonging to various religious communities living in and around Edathua. A zealous and vibrant community of faithful, comprising of nearly two thousand families have nurtured it as the apple of their eye, transforming Edathua in to a prominent pilgrim center in South India.


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