Reimbursement Authorisation Finance


Facility to avail funding for import at lower interest rates in currencies like USD, Euro, GBP, AUD etc. 
Importer is able to negotiate on sight payment terms with the Exporter thus reducing his cost.
Importer gets usance period to make the payment.

How to open an account?

Who can Apply

Any Indian Importer


Eligibility Any Indian Importer
Currency USD, EUR, GBP & AUD
Regulations Applicable regulatory norms of RBI / FEMA / IFSCA / Overseas Regulator 
Pricing Floating


How to Apply

Please contact your relationship manager or nearest branch/ office.


Interest Rates & Service Charges

  • Interest rates are linked with respective Alternative Reference Rates (ARR) for the Currency of facility like SOFR rates for USD Currency, EURIBOR rates for EUR Currency, SONIA for GBP etc. 
  • SWIFT transaction Charges are levied for the transaction.