Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Fed-E-Pay registration through SMS (for BSNL & Kerala Water Authority):

  1. The following terms and conditions shall apply to the Customers who register for Federal Bank's Fed-E-Pay services (hereinafter called "Facility") for making payments in respect of Bills of BSNL & Kerala Water Authority.
  2. These terms and conditions shall be deemed to have been read, understood, agreed and accepted by the Customer, the moment the Customer sends registration request through SMS in prescribed format to the designated number specified by the Bank. 
  3. The limit of the Facility will be Rs. 5000/- per Bill. For Bills which are above Rs. 5,000/-, no payment shall be made through the Facility.
  4. The Customer shall be permitted to add up to a maximum of 5 Bills for all services/utilities, under the Facility.
  5. The Customer shall ensure that the request for registration under the Facility is submitted to the Bank by way of SMS through the Mobile Number of the Customer which is registered with the Bank.
  6. The Customer shall ensure that the registration process for the Facility is successfully completed. The Bank shall issue a confirmation SMS to the Customer upon successful completion of the registration process.
  7. The Customers understands and agrees that the bill payments under the Facility shall be carried out perpetually unless the Facility is deactivated by the Customer through the prescribed mode or if the details of the Bill are not received by the Bank from the utility/service provider.
  8. The Customers who register for the Facility through the SMS channel shall opt for deactivation of the Facility through the SMS channel alone.
  9. No Receipt shall be issued in respect of the Bills paid through the Facility. The entry of bill payment reflecting in the account statement shall be adequate proof in respect of the bill payments made to the utility/service provider.
  10. Certain utility/service provider companies may specify the date on which payment is to be made. The Customer understands and agrees that, notwithstanding any instructions given by the Customer in this regard, the Bank shall remit the payment at any time before the payment due date specified by the utility/service provide companies.    
  11. The amount specified in the Bill provided by the utility/service provider company to the Bank shall be attempted for payment, 3 days before the due date of the respective Bill. For example: If due date of the Bill is 01-01-2016, the Bank will try to make the payment on 30.12.2015. If there no balance is available in the account on that particular date, the Bank will try to debit on subsequent dates (till 01.01.2016 in this case). No payment shall be effected after the due date of the Bill. The Customer shall invariably review the first Bill Payment made under the Facility, in respect of a particular utility/service, and ensure that the payment in respect of the bill has been made on the due date.
  12.  Without prejudice to the generality of the aforesaid, payment of Bills is subject to the availability of clear and available balance in the Customer's Account at the time of processing the respective Bills. If no sufficient balance is available in the Customer's Account for making payment in respect of a Bill, the Bank shall not process the Bill and no payment shall be made to the utility/service provider company. The Customer understands that the Bank shall not make any part payment in respect of any Bill under any circumstances.
  13. Any disputes arising out of disconnection of the utility/service, applicability of late charges on Bill dues arising due to change / revocation of the Facility shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer and the Customer shall not hold the Bank responsible / liable for the same.
  14. The Customer undertakes and agrees to  indemnify the Bank from and against all actions, suits, claims, liabilities and proceedings due to or arising out of any or all disputes between the Customer and the utility/service provider companies or by reason of the Bank making the payment or refusing to make the payment under the Facility.
  15. The Bank reserves the right to revoke / stop the Facility to any Customer without any prior intimation if the Bank believes that the continued use of this facility is not in the interest of the Bank.
  16. The Customer understands and agrees that the Bank may from time to time at it sole discretion amend, vary or change the terms and conditions applicable to the Facility, as well as, add or remove the utility/service provider companies in respect of whom the Bill Payment is provided under the Facility.