Enhanced Card Controls for Credit Cards

How it works

To enhance security of credit card transactions, the Reserve Bank of India has directed to provide card users the functionality to enable/disable certain features on their cards and to set transaction limit for different types of transactions; online, physical, and contactless, both domestic and international.

Federal Bank Credit card customers are allowed to enable/disable their cards and modify transaction limits within the overall card limit for all types of transactions for domestic and international for POS, ATMs, online and contactless transactions.

  • As per RBI Circular on Enhancing Security of Card Transactions, all new cards that are issued and re-issued will be enabled only for Point of Sale/Swipe and ATM transactions.
  • Customers can enable/disable Online, Contactless and International transaction functionalities seamlessly via Fedmobile.
  • Cards should be enabled by customer for Online/Ecommerce, Contactless and International transactions for seamless transaction experience.

Transactions at Your Finger Tips

The power to manage your card Transactions at your Fingertips on Fedmobile App


For Enabling/Disabling your Domestic and International transactions:

1. Login to FedMobile App, tap on the Credit Card Section.

2. Tap on ‘Manage Card

3. Go to ‘Manage Your Card

4. Here you can manage your ATM usage, Ecom, POS and Contactless transaction on Domestic & International usage. Tap on ‘Apply changes’ if you are enabling or disabling any of these transactions. Confirm the changes by clicking on ‘Yes’ on the pop-up that appears


For Setting Transaction Limits on Domestic and International transactions:

1. Tap on ‘Manage Transaction Limits

2. Here you can set transaction limit for International/Domestic (POS, Ecom, Contactless, ATM withdrawal) by moving the slider as per your requirement. Tap on ‘Apply changes’ after setting the limit for ATM/POS/ECOM/Contactless transactions. Confirm the changes by clicking on ‘Yes’ on the pop-up box that appears.


* In case you are trying for any of the transactions viz. ECOM/POS/ATM/CONTACTLESS before enabling the same, you will immediately receive an SMS informing you that the transaction is declined as the facility is not enabled. You can easily enable the facility instantly by following the above mentioned steps.

Frequently Asked Questions - Enhanced Card Control

How can I enable/disable my Domestic & International transactions?

Login to Fedmobile>Credit Card>Manage Card>Manage your Card > Enable/ Disable just by tapping on the button for your Domestic and International transactions.

I have received my Federal Bank Credit Card, will I need to enable online, contactless and International transaction on my card for using credit card for these transactions?

Yes, due to security reasons, this facility is disabled at the time of card issuance.

How do I manage my Credit card limits for online, Contactless and International transaction?

Please follow the path: Fedmobile>Credit Card>Manage Card>Manage Transaction Limits> move the slider to set the limit within the overall card limit > Click on Apply Changes and confirm Yes on the pop up that appears.

Where can I access the RBI circular on this topic?

Please visit https://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_CircularIndexDisplay.aspx?Id=11788.

You may alternatively refer below circular on RBI website: RBI/2019-20/142 DPSS.CO.PD No.1343/02.14.003/2019-20- Enhancing Security of Card Transactions.

Will I receive an SMS for transactions declined due to Online/ Contactless/International transaction functionality not enabled?


Why is my Online/Contactless/International usage feature disabled?

In line with RBI circular, RBI/2019-20/142 DPSS.CO.PD No.1343/02.14.003/2019-20 dated 15th January 2020 on enhancing security of card transactions, all credit cards that have not been used for online/ contactless/ international usage are to be disabled for the respective usage service, as a security measure.

Also, all new cards or existing cards renewed or reissued or upgraded or replaced would have their online/ contactless/ international usage service disabled.

Can I use my credit card without enabling online/ contactless/ international usage facility?

Yes, you can still use your credit card for shopping at stores/ ATMs/ Domestic online shopping. Sample scenarios are given below:

  • Online Usage Disabled

You can continue using your Card for purchases at stores near you & ATMs.

  • Contactless Usage Disabled

You can continue using your Card at online stores, ATMs & for purchases at stores in contact (swipe/dip and pin) mode, i.e authenticating the transaction by entering the 4-digit PIN.

  • International Usage Disabled

You can continue using your Card at Domestic online sites, ATMs & for purchases at stores near you.

How long does it take to enable Online/Contactless/International usage feature?

These features will be enabled instantly.

What would be the charges for enabling/ disabling this facility?

This facility is free of cost.

How many times can I Enable/Disable Online/Contactless/International usage?

You may enable/disable online/contactless/international usage feature as many times as you wish.

I recently got my new credit card, but my new card is not working at Online sites; I am not able to do Contactless/Tap to Pay transactions; My new card is not working at International stores/ International online sites. What should I do?

If you got a new card or got your existing card renewed or reissued or upgraded recently, then your Online/ Contactless/ International usage service would be disabled by default. However, you can enable this instantly by using Fedmobile.