What is SoundBox?

Soundbox is a compact device that provides real-time audio confirmations of transactions. It emits audible alerts to notify merchants and customers immediately when a payment is successfully processed. This ensures clarity and reduces the risk of errors or fraud, especially in busy retail environments where visual confirmation might be missed. Soundboxes enhance transaction efficiency and improve the overall payment experience by delivering instant and clear feedback.


Get Voice alerts with Soundbox voice notification feature
Real time sound notification of QR Transactions Real time sound notification of QR Transactions
Works on a 4G SIM and is compatible with all network providers
With the Display Alert feature, Merchant can view the transaction amount received
Instant credit to account upon successful transaction

How SoundBox Works?

  • Customers of any Bank having the respective Bank's Mobile Banking or any QR Code supporting apps on their smartphone can make payment through the QR code available at the Merchant location.
  • On successful scanning of the QR code, customer can make payment by choosing the account which is linked to their account. 
  • Customer account will be debited in real time and Merchant's account will be credited instantly.

Note: If the transaction is performed by Customer through UPI platform Merchant's account will be credited in real time.

How to make payments ?

Process of making payments through SoundBox are given in the steps below:
  • Customer opens the app, taps on Scan QR Code and scans the QR Code.
  • Once the code is scanned, the customer enters the amount that he/she wants to pay and the authentication code to complete the transaction.
  • Once authentication is completed, the Merchant will get the transaction success SMS to their registered Mobile Numbers.
  • A voice notification will be heard on the amount credited and the payments will be credited directly to the Merchant's bank account on settlement.

Benefits of SoundBox

Direct Credit to Account
SoundBox credits payment directly to your Account. Time and the cost of depositing cash into your Accounts can be saved.
Quick and Convenient Payment Process
Your customers can forget the hassles of carrying or swiping Credit/Debit Card, transferring or holding money in mobile wallets etc. They can now pay using their Mobile Banking Applications enabled with Soundbox.
Less instances of charge back
As the customer himself initiates the payment the occurrence of chargeback is minimized.
Safe and Secure
Customer account details are secured as they confirm the payment through their mobile application.
Instant Notification
On successful payment transaction, the receiver will get an instant notification . All transactions will be reflected in the "Transaction History" section of customer App and will be replicated in your bank account statement.

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