Pre-Approved Personal Loans

Follow 4 simple steps to avail pre-approved personal loan !  Pre-approved BYOM Personal Loan is an end to end digital and paperless product. Getting the loan funds credited to customers’ accounts just on a click will create an unmatched experience.

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Features & Benefits

Loan is pre approved. No application, no further processing, no further underwriting
No manual documentation
Loan amount up to Rs.7.5 Lacs
 Instant credit to the Savings Bank account
Loan can be pre-closed any time during the tenure of the loan without any pre-closure charges
 Loan tenure ranges from 12 months to 48 months depending on the profile of the customer 


Who can apply?

Eligible customers will be communicated through e-mail & SMS. Customers can access the link provided or go directly to the BYOM portal.


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How to avail the loan?

Follow three simple steps to avail the loan.

  • Authenticate using mobile number and OTP
  • Accept the Personal Loan offer and digital terms and conditions. (Customer has the option to avail any amount within the limit approved)
  • Digitally sign the loan documents using Aadhar OTP

Interest Rates

Interest rates ranges between 11.99% to 17.99%, fixed through out the tenure of the loan.


BYOM Personal Loans- Frequently Asked Questions

BYOM Personal Loans- Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is BYOM?

BYOM (Be Your Own Master) is a platform introduced by Federal Bank for our customers to provide loans on digital platform.  

2. What is the interest rate for BYOM pre-approved personal loan?

Interest rates ranges between 11.99% to 17.99%, fixed through out the tenure of the loan.

3. Does BYOM Personal loan require a cobligant?

BYOM Personal loan does not need a co-obligant.

4. Is there processing fee for BYOM Personal loan?

Processing Fee collected is 2% of the loan amount plus GST.

5. I got an SMS about my eligibility for pre-approved personal loan. When can I avail it?

Loan can be availed within 30 days from the date of the offer until unless specifically mentioned.

6. What is the Maximum loan amount that I can avail under BYOM pre-approved personal loan?

You can avail up to Rs. 7.5 Lacs under BYOM pre-approved personal loan.

7. Are there any Prepayment / Pre-closure charges for BYOM pre-approved personal loan?


8. What is the process of digitally signing the loan document?

The customers who are availing pre-approved Personal loans through BYOM portal will have to do
the Aadhar based e-sign process to complete the loan disbursement.  Digital signature of the customer will be obtained on all the loan documents through Aadhar OTP based signature. Digitally signed loan documents will be sent to the registered email id / phone number of the customers from the Bank’s end post loan disbursement.