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Fed E Biz Customer support number: 04846677400

Fed E Biz Customer support e mail id: fedebizsupport@federalbank.co.in

Customer support executives will be available from Monday to Saturday (Including Second Saturday and Fourth Saturday).

Working Time: 09:00 AM to 07:00PM.


Fed E Biz is a Complete 360 Degree Digital Omni-channel Transaction Banking Platform for Corporates. This Integrated Transaction Banking Solution is powered by state-of-the-art technology and offers excellent features like Account Services, Supply Chain Finance, Cash Management Services, Payable Management, Receivable Management, Trade Finance etc. It will provide the best experience for all business entities, through a complete set of OmniChannel Apps, providing one-click capabilities tailorable to Individual Users of the Corporate.


  • Desktop / Mobile / Tablet - Now it is possible to access our banking capabilities using all channels via Web, Mobile and Tablet applications
  • Host-to-Host - It provides an automated solution for high volume secure data transfer between bank and corporates electronically
  • API - API banking supplies enhanced data driven services through integrated universal platform

Customised offering

  • Dashboard - Flexibility in designing own workplace
  • Fields - Columns can be rearranged & Filtering is possible, Multiple export options (Excel, PDF, CSV etc.) is available
  • Workflow - It is possible to assign different workflow rules for initiation and approval of transaction to each user, as desired by the customer. There is freedom to decide as to who can do transactions, up to what limit and whether another user has to approve the same before it is processed
  • MIS reports - Systems is capable of producing daily reports that can be sent to key members of the Corporates as per their requirements. Also it is capable of generating on-demand reports. 

Self-service capabilities

  • Real Time Alerts - Round the clock and real time alerts 
  • Queries - Customer can upload a query file for Bank User for continuous assistance
  • Information Reporting - Customer can customize and schedule Transaction reports as per their Requirements.

Straight-through Processing

  • Accelerates transaction processing through automated technology


  • Corporates
  • Entities with multi branch operation
  • Broking firms
  • Wholesale distributors
  • Government contractors
  • Entities with multi-user environment

How to Apply

Rates & Charges

For Service charges and fees, please click here.

Fed E Biz – Account Services facilitates to view account balances & transaction details for multiple account types, arrange accounts and transaction details as per personal preferences and provides access to a wide range of services across all reported accounts. Also user can set nicknames or aliases for all accounts for easy identification.


  • Visibility - Corporate can see a unified view of his Current/OD Accounts, Deposit & Loan Accounts. Can Download Statements in multiple formats (XLS, PDF, CSV etc.).
  • Transactions - Perform All Payment Transactions - Self, Third Party & Domestic Fund Transfer (NEFT, RTGS, IMPS & UPI).
  • Service Requests - Contains Straight-through processing (STP) Service requests such as Cheque Book Request, Stop Payment of Cheques etc.

Digital Banking Solution Accessible Across Channels Anytime & Anywhere

  • The Fed E Biz - Payments enables user to initiate a wide range of payment functionalities. 
  • Now process all types of payments ranging from high value RTGS payments, Internal Fund Transfers, Intra-bank Fund Transfers and Domestic payments all using a single platform. 
  • Fed E Biz - Payments facilitates payment initiation and transaction inquiry to keep track of all initiated transactions.


  • Transactions – Can perform Transactions for all Payments – Self Transfers, Intra Bank Transfers, Domestic Transfers (NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/UPI), Instruments (Demand Draft, Customer Cheques).
  • Bulk Transfers – Corporate can process their Salary/Payroll Files and Bulk Payments with a pre-defined Template which is supported in multiple (XLS, CSV and TXT) Formats. It is also capable of processing high volume/bulk payments easily with Single Debit and Multi-Debit facility.
  • Payment Scheduling – Can schedule Payments for Self-Transfers, Intra Bank Transfers, Domestic Transfers.
  • Beneficiary Support – Support for Adhoc & Registered Beneficiaries for transactions.
  • Remote Printing of Cheques – Corporate can print cheques at their premises or nearby designated branches.
  • Reports/MIS – Customer can schedule reports as per their requirements.
Fed E Biz – Receivables provides Cash & Cheque Collections, NACH – Debit, Virtual Accounts (E-Collections) and Door-Step Banking Facilities. Also, Fed E Biz – Receivables provides EIPP (Electronic Invoice Presentment and Placement) Capabilities. Customer can directly upload Invoice through internet and track the processing.


  • Cash Collections - Convenience of pick-ups, Multi location pick-ups, Cash counting & verification at customer premises, Detailed MIS on pick-ups, Reduced costs and operational risks.
  • Cheque Collections - Convenience of pick-ups & processing, Multi-location Cheque Pick-ups, Location wise Cheque pick-up detailed MIS, MIS Reports at each stage of processing, Prompt realization and clearance of cheques.
  • NACH – Debit - Mandate management capability, Online NACH Debit file upload facility, Customized & Event- based MIS and reports.
  • Virtual Accounts - Facilitates Client and Vendor identification, Facilitates capturing Division/Subdivision details, Cash/Cheque collection through Virtual Account, Customized MIS in a timely manner.
  • EIPP - Upload of Invoice by Customer, Automatic Reconciliation of Invoices and Reconciliation Statement, Provision to track outstanding Invoices.
Supply Chain Finance is short term working capital finance to Dealers/Suppliers maintaining relationship with Large Corporate to optimise working capital requirements. Supply chain finance is a fine blend of Bill discounting & Overdraft product with the essence to optimize finance & flexibility for the customer. All transactions are linked to a base document (Invoice/Purchase Order) between the Buyer and Seller.


  • Platform for all SCF products - Dealer Finance | Vendor Finance (Reverse Factoring) | Receivable Finance | Payable Finance| Purchase Order Finance | Factoring
  • Quick approvals
  • Flexible Limits
  • Multiple Channel Repayment

Benefits to the party involved

  • Dealer/Buyer - Working capital for procurement of Inventory | Lower cost of funds than other working capital products | Financial stability | Reduced administration cost
  • Supplier / Vendor - Working capital for procurement of Inventory | Lower cost of funds than other working capital products | Financial stability | Reduced administration cost | Financial Sustainability | Efficient Cash flow management | Reduces the cost of capital by leveraging buyer's credit rating | Robust Financial discipline
  • Manufacturer - Minimizes investment in working capital | Reduces cost of goods sold | Reduces total cost of borrowing | Reduces administration cost | Cash Flow Increase | Timely delivery of goods for end users | Sales leverage

Fed E Biz – Trade Finance is digitized Trade platform which facilitates consolidated view of Letter of Credits, Bank Guarantee and Documentary Collections with various Inquiries and Transaction forms.

It consists of consolidated view and transaction initiation options for following:

Imports Exports Domestic Trade Guarantees
  • LCs
  • Bills
  • Import Loans
  • LCs
  • Bills
  • Packing Credit
  • Post-shipment finance
  • LCs
  • Bills
  • Inward
  • Outward



  • Front End facility for Trade Transactions
  • Generation of MIS and Advices
  • Seamless connectivity with Bank for processing Letter of credit, Guarantees and standby LCs
  • Export Document Presentation under LCs and Documentary Collections
  • 360 degree view of LC transactions to view complete life cycle
  • It provides, Trade Analytics & Trade Summary Facilities


Advantages to Customer

Helps clients confidently expand to new territories and grow their business using immediately understandable graphics, data summaries and actionable recommendations that put their business objectives at the forefront.

Fed E Biz Customer support number: 04846677400
Customer support executives will be available from Monday to Saturday (Including Second Saturday and Fourth Saturday).  

Working Time: 09:00 AM to 07:00PM.  

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