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Why should you start a Stellar relationship with us ?

It will be an extraordinary journey where financial prosperity meets holistic well-being. So, embark on a journey towards a healthier and happier life with Federal Bank's latest offering- the Stellar Savings Account-
Your gateway to holistic wellness!

Key Features at a Glance


Milestone Rewards

Earn reward points when you complete milestone and get accelerated reward points when you spend using your Debit Card!


Complimentary One Year Wellness Plan

Complimentary one year wellness plan which comprises of fitness tracking, psychologist consults, telemedicine, and offline care.


Complimentary Insurance Cover

Coverage which includes Personal Accident Cover, Disability Cover and Hospital Cash.


Power Packed Eco Friendly Debit Card

Save up to ₹50,000 per year using the Debit Card offers on your Stellar Debit Card.


Accelerated Reward Points

Accelerated Reward Points on Debit Card Spends



Enjoy a one-year complimentary wellness package with your Stellar savings account. You will get access to a health app after 45 days of account opening. The details of the app for download will be shared over SMS. You can download and login to the app and enjoy all the benefits mentioned below:

Daily Health and Wellness

Experience daily health and wellness support with our savings account. As a complimentary benefit, access a range of resources and tools designed to promote your well-being. From personalized health tips and fitness trackers, the wellness plan dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness goals.


Mental Wellness

Elevate your mental wellness with our savings account. As a complimentary benefit, gain access to resources and support aimed at nurturing your mental well-being. From mindfulness apps to counselling services, the wellness plan is designed to provide you with the tools you need to manage stress, enhance resilience, and prioritize self-care.


Unlock the convenience of telemedicine with our savings account. As a complimentary benefit, gain access to virtual healthcare consultations from licensed providers, enabling you to conveniently address your medical needs from anywhere.

Offline Care

Experience the reassurance of offline care with our savings account. As a complimentary benefit, access in-person healthcare services. Whether it's routine check-ups, diagnostics, or treatments, the offline care option in the wellness plan ensures that you receive the personalized attention you deserve.


Complimentary Insurance Plan


Enjoy complimentary insurance plan of more than ₹10 Lacs with your Stellar Savings account. The complimentary insurance plan covers the following:

accident Personal Accident Cover / Permanent Disability Cover of ₹10 Lacs

disability Hospital Cash (Accident/ Illness) for 10 days for ₹1000 per day (one day deductible).


Milestone Rewards

Remit 10k blue-arrow-right blue-arrow-down Within 30 days blue-arrow-right blue-arrow-down 100 Reward Points
1st Bill payment Through Fedmobile blue-arrow-right blue-arrow-down Within 60 days blue-arrow-right blue-arrow-down 100 Reward Points
Open RD* blue-arrow-right blue-arrow-down Within 90 days blue-arrow-right blue-arrow-down 100 Reward Points
Spend 50k with Debit card blue-arrow-right blue-arrow-down Within 180 days blue-arrow-right blue-arrow-down Gift Voucher
Spend 2k in your B’day month blue-arrow-right blue-arrow-down Within 365 days blue-arrow-right blue-arrow-down Gift Voucher

Accelerated Reward Points on Debit Card Spends


5x Travel

Pack your bags and let the adventures begin!


3x Electronics

Upgrade smarter with coolest gadgets and gizmos!


2x Apparel

Fashion just got twice as fabulous!


Power Packed Eco-Friendly Debit Card


blue-arrow-right Save up to ₹50,000 annually using the Debit Card offers

blue-arrow-right ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit: ₹50,000

blue-arrow-right Shopping Limit: ₹3,00,000

blue-arrow-right Debit Card Issuance Fee: ₹300

blue-arrow-right Debit Card AMC: ₹300


The Annual Maintenance Charges on your debit card will be completely waived off if you complete annual spends worth ₹75,000 using your Stellar Debit card!


Frequently Asked Questions

The fastest and easiest way to open your Stellar Savings account is through video KYC account opening. Simply click the link to open your account now:

Apply Online

You can fill the account opening form and visit the nearest Federal Bank branch for account opening. Click here to find the nearest branch.

Retail individuals are eligible for opening a Stellar savings account.

All the benefits in the account will be available only for the main/first holder of the Stellar Savings account.

The interest rate varies depending on the balance maintained. Click here to know the interest rates for savings accounts.

Stellar account customers can download the Star Health app to avail themselves of the benefits of their wellness plan. The link for download will be shared via SMS to you within 45 days of account opening. If you have not received the link, you can connect with our contact center for assistance.

In the application, you can go the following path to raise any issues or concerns: Visit Application > Account > Contact Support.

The insurance cover includes permanent total disability or accident death cover of 10L and hospital cash benefits.

1. In the event of death of the Customer, the nominee/legal heir should approach the branch in which the Customer was holding the Stellar Savings Account, and the branch will guide the customer on the documents required for claiming the insurance coverage.

2. On the receipt of these documents by the branch, Federal Bank would liaise with the Insurance company for processing the claim. However, receipt of the documents by the branch does not construe acceptance of claim. In the event of death, the beneficiary must inform the Stellar Savings Account branch immediately within 15 days. The Bank does not have any role in processing and sanctioning the claim sunder the insurance policy and the Insurance Company will be solely liable for the same.

3. As per policy, the Insurance company needs to be informed (through the Federal bank) within 30 days and all supporting documents relating to the claim needs to be submitted to the Insurance company within thirty (30) days from the date of death of the primary holder.

4. Evidence as the Insurance company may require needs to be furnished by the Customer within 14 days following a written demand.


You can manage the controls on your debit card through our mobile banking application FedMobile.

You can track your reward points on the Federal Reward platform. Click here to login to view details of the reward points.

You can track your milestone rewards on the reward points platform. Click here to login.

Yes. The one-time issuance fee for your debit card is Rs. 300.

Annual maintenance charge/AMC for the debit card is Rs. 300 but this will be completed waived if your annual debit card spends is Rs. 75,000 and above.

  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Fixed Deposits
  • SIP / Mutual Funds
  • Insurance

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