Billdesk Billpay

Features & Benefits

Billdesk Bill Pay (formerly known as "Visa Bill Pay") is an extremely simple, convenient and secure way to pay your bills. BillDesk BillPay is an extremely simple, convenient and secure way to pay your bills. With a Federal Bank Visa Debit Card you can pay your electricity, telephone, cellular, insurance and other bills, make contributions to various charities and other institutions and even remit your subscription monies to various magazines and clubs. You can do all this from the comfort of your house or office, over the Internet any time, any place. All you need is a valid Federal Bank Visa Debit card.
Paying bills with BillDesk BillPay simplifies your life. Your payments are made quickly and conveniently, and you no longer have to track payment due dates, write multiple checks or balance your checkbook. And depending on the Card you use, you may be eligible to earn reward points or special discounts
Convenience – Saves time and hassles, compared to writing Cheques and Demand Drafts
Rewards – Earn Federal Reward points on the use of your Federal bank Visa Debit Card
Efficiency – Most payments post instantly to your account so you can make last-minute payments and never be late
Security – Payments made with Visa are protected by multiple layers of security
Reliability – No need to worry about your payment getting delayed or lost in the mail or cheque deposit box
Acceptability - Almost every reputable biller readily accepts VISA online payments worldwide

How does it work?

With virtually every reputable merchant worldwide accepting Visa online payments, it's the safest, quickest and convenient way for any one-time or recurring payment. Federal bank provides Visa Debit Cards which make it possible to use the Visa Bill Pay system. Currently there are two ways to make payments.


Pay Right Away Service:

Each time you receive a physical bill, you need to select the biller you wish to pay online, provide payment details and authorize it from your Federal Bank Visa Debit Card. Payment is processed in a secure manner and remitted to the biller along with your bill details. Some biller may also accept part or interim payment. No registration is required in this method, and each time you need to make a payment, you need to select the relevant biller and enter bill details.


Register and Pay Service:

To use the Visa Bill Pay - Register and Pay Service, you need to complete a short registration process and enter each billers details just once. You will receive regular email updates informing you of the due dates, so that you don't miss a payment. Paying, is as simple as logging on and authorizing a payment using your Federal bank Visa Debit Card. Additionally, a payment record is also maintained for all bills paid through this service to enable tracking of payments.


BillDesk BillPay employs the best-in-class security so that the transactions done through the BillDesk BillPay service are secure. BillDesk BillPay uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) data encryption. Using SSL ensures that the information you exchange with BillDesk BillPay is never transmitted over the Internet unencrypted and cannot be viewed by unauthorized individuals. BillDesk BillPay uses SSL to protect users from unauthorized tampering or viewing of their account and billing information. This encryption is done using 128-bit RC4 encryption. In addition your credit/debit card information is processed over secure gateways that are certified by Visa.

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