Transfer Funds to India

Are you looking for an inexpensive and swifter means of account transfer to India for your near and dear ones? Our technology-enabled services for transferring funds to India are quicker, easier and cost-effective.



Remittance from Middle East to India

A forerunner in digital banking, Federal Bank offers cutting-edge banking solutions for remittance from Middle East / Gulf countries to India. Explore more about the tie-ups with exchange houses as well as various options for quick money transfer from Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, UAE, Oman and Qatar.

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Remittance from UK to India

Transfer money from UK to India, without any hassles through various modes such as Fast Encash, Muthoot Global Money Transfer, Remit2India, SWIFT Wire Transfer etc.

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Remittance from USA to India

NRIs in USA can send funds to India through various modes such as Transfast, Remit2India Service, FedFast Plus via Royal Exchange, Xoom Corporation (Third Party Fund Transfer Option), Lock Box and SWIFT Wire Transfer.


Remittance from Canada to India

Federal Bank provides hassle free options for sending money from Canada to India via Remitr(Remitware Payments Canada Inc), FedFlash (Rupee drawing arrangement with Wall Street Finance), Remit2India Service and SWIFT Wire Transfer.

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Remittance from Australia to India

Wherever you are in Australia, you can send funds to your family within a few steps. Explore safe, easiest and quickest ways of remittance from Australia to India which includes Online Remittance through NAB, Remit2India Service and SWIFT Wire Transfer. 

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Remittance from Singapore to India

You can send funds to India from Singapore through the best-in-class option of Rupee Remittance via Transfer Easy Pty ltd (Using SingX Platform) as well as via SWIFT Wire Transfer.

Remittance from Malaysia to India


Rupee Remittance via BFC Exchange Malaysia Sdn. Bhd (BFC Exchange)


BFC Exchange Malaysia Sdn. Bhd (BFC Exchange) is a leading Money Transfer and Money Exchange company in Malaysia established in 2012 and is regulated by the Central Bank Negara Malaysia. The company uses state of art technology to send money to India from Malaysia in a quicker and cost effective way.
Money can be sent from Malaysia to India through the branches of BFC Malaysia or through the online remittance platform-  BFC Smart Money.