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Safe Deposit Locker

Safe Deposit Locker

Protect your valuables with Safe Deposit Locker facilities from Federal Bank

  • Features
  • Types of Lockers
  • Rates and Charges

Key Features

  • Available at selected branches in cities / towns all over the country. To check availablilty of locker facility in your branch, please click here
  • Lockers available in various sizes. i.e. Small, Medium and Large with varying rents.
  • A Key Deposit to be kept with the Bank.
  • Annual Rent is payable in advance. The rent may be conveniently paid from your deposit account with us.
  • For Schedule of Rentals, please contact the branch nearest to you OR Visit our Service Charges Page
  • Nomination facility is available to the hirer of Safe Deposit Locker.
  • Dimensions of various type of lockers available with us.
  • Locker can be in the sole name of a person or in joint names of persons. Apart from individuals, the locker may be hired in the name of partnership firms, limited companies, municipal/public corporations, legal guardians of minors, fiduciaries such as executors, etc.

Locker Type Height(mm) Width(mm) Depth(mm)
A-Small 125 175 492
B-Medium 159 210 492
2A-Large 125 352 492
D 189 263 492
2B 159 423 492
2B1 321 210 492
4A 278 352 492
2D 189 529 492
4B 321 423 492
4D1 385 529 492
4D 404 529 492