Rupee Remittance via Remitware Payments- Remitr

Remitware Payments Canada Inc is a group company of Remitware Payments Inc – a US headquartered, payments technology company. The Online Remittance app –Remitr facilitate money transfer from Canada to India in a quick and cost effective way.
Key Features
  • Fast, secure and cost effective 
  • Instant sign-up
  • 24x7 money transfer 
  • Best Exchange rates
  • Locked Exchange Rate (Before initiating  a transfer, the equivalent INR amount to be received by the recipient in India will be shown)
How to set up an account and transfer funds?
  • Download the app from mobile app store. The app is available in Android and iOS.
  • Validate mobile number and register  sender and the beneficiary
  • Transfer funds to Remitr in Canada through Interac e-transfer or use Pre Authorized Debit.
  • Remitr transfers the funds to Recipient's account with Federal Bank in India.

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