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Facilities where Priority lounges are available

FedSelect Lounges are a cut above the rest with a host of facilities like:

One roof banking

  • Get all your banking needs under one roof. No waiting, no queues anymore

Door step banking

  • We value your time. We understand your hectic schedules and busy days. Save your precious time with our prompt service

Personal Relationship Managers

  • We listen to your needs. Our experienced and professionally trained relationship managers will cater to all your banking and financial needs.

Exclusive Lounge and Interaction Area

  • Enjoy the premium facilities offered in our priority lounges

  • Enjoy lounge facilities at Major airports in the country

Other features

  • Upto 50% waiver of rent on locker facilities subject to availability*.

  • MasterPremum debit cards with enhanced withdrawal limit of Rs 4 lakhs a day (Rs 2 lakhs through ATM and 2 lakhs through POS)

Tailor made offers

*Conditions apply

Lounge facilities at Airports

Premium lounge facilities at various airports are extended to our FedSelect Customers having Master Premium Debit Cards and Rupay Platinum Cards.

Eligible cardholders will get access to the lounge, and food & beverages as applicable under the agreement between MasterCard and the lounge. Cardholder is advised to check what services and facilities are covered in the MasterCard Lounge access program.

Number of Free access is restricted to ONE entry per quarter for Master Premium cards and TWO entry per quarter for Rupay Platinum cards.

To know eligible list of Master Premium lounges , please click here
To know eligible list of Rupay Platinum lounges, please click here


Download Brochure

List of Branches

Branch Name Phone number Email ID
Alapuzha 04772251941 APYfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Alapuzha / Con Square 04772246941 APYBfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Aluva / Bank Junction 04842629332 ALWAfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Anchal 04752273349 ACLfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Angadipuram 04933258462 APMfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Angamally 04842455239 ANGfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Bangalore / St. Mark's Road 08022110014 BGRAfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Chalakudy 04802701807 CKIfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Chengannur 04792452527 CNRfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Chennai / Anna Nagar 04426216008 MDSEfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Chennai / Rm Nagar 04423743822 MDSCfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Chennai / Vadapalani 04443552027 MDSJfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Chowallurpady 04872553307 CDYfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Coimbatore 04222392486 CBEfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Ernakulam/Broadway 04842385606 EKMDfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Ernakulam/Kaloor 04842336900 EKMKfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Ernakulam/Marine Drive 04842370599 EKMFfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Ernakulam/Palarivattom 04842349011 EKMGfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Ettumanoor 04812536723 ETRfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Faridabad 01292432659 FRDfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Girinagar 04842206910 GNRfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Howrah 03326433280 HWHfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Hyderabad 04023205381 HYDfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Hyderabad / Lakadi Ka Pul 04023322943 HYDBfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Indore 07312704217 IDRfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Irinjalakuda 04802825335 IJKfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Irinjalakuda Nada 04802832120 IJKAfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Kakkanad / Seaport-Airport Road 04842108883 KKNAfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Kalamassery 04842555390 KSYfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Kalathipady 04812577707 KTPfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Kalpetta 04936202058 KPTfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Kannur/South Bazar 04972767544 CNNBfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Karunagappally 04762627261 KNPfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Kolencherry 04842760235 KLYfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Kolkata / Rn Mukherjee Road 03322623366 CALCfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Kollam / Polayathode 04742767701 QLNBfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Konni 04682242354 KNIfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Kothamangalam 04852862247 KMMfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Kottakkal 04832740077 KTLfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Kottayam 04812565938 KTMfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Kundara 04742522414 MLAfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Kunnamkulam 04885222733 KNKfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Kuravilangad 04822230252 KVDfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Lucknow 05222618949 LKWfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Malappuram 04832730650 MPMfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Mamkamkuzhy 04792356043 MKYfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Mangalore / Kankanady 08242430252 MGRAfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Margao 08322731313 MRGfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Mathilakam 04802854140 MHMfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Moonnupeedika 04802849290 MPDfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Mumbai / Bandra (West) 02226415376 BBYJfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Mumbai / Kalina 02226666064 BBYVfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Muvattupuzha 04852831424 MPZfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Nadakkavu West 04952765870 NKWfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Nanthencode 04712725038 NDEfedselect@federalbank.co.in
New Delhi / Greater Kailash Ii 01129212094 NDLEfedselect@federalbank.co.in
New Delhi / Nehru Place 01126474595 NDLDfedselect@federalbank.co.in
NEW DELHI/Patel Nagar 01125881072 NDLTfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Noida 01202411222 NDAfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Olarikkara 04872365473 OKAfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Pachalam 04842395766 PHMfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Pala 04822214017 PLIfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Pampady 04812505751 PMDfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Perambra 04962612777 PRBfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Perunna 04812410055 PNAfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Pongumoodu 04712442030 PGDfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Punalur 04752222652 PLRfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Puthiyara 04952720888 PYAfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Puthuppally 04812352431 PLYfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Shillong 03642223909 SLGfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Taliparamba 04602203205 TPBfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Thalavady 04772212137 TDYfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Thiruvalla/Muthoor 04692731000 TLAAfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Thiruvananthapuram/Palayam 04712306163 TVMAfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Thiruvananthapuram/Statue 04712329543 TVMBfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Thodiyoor 04762862554 TDRfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Tiruvalla 04692601808 TLAfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Vadanappally 04872600956 VPYfedselect@federalbank.co.in
Varkala 04702602233 VRKfedselect@federalbank.co.in