Missed Call Based Fund Transfer

By just giving a missed call, you can transfer funds at rocket speeds. Customers can register 5 beneficiaries (including self). Per transaction amount is set at the time of registration. Beneficiary can make a missed call to our dedicated number 7812900900 and instantly transfer the funds to their account. 


How to activate the facility?

1. To add a beneficiary, please send an SMS in the following format to the mobile number 9895088888 : 

ACTMFT <space> Beneficiary mobile number <space>  Beneficiary account number <space> IFSC Code<space>Amount <space>  Last 3 digits of debit a/c number <space>  Beneficiary name

2. Beneficiary initiates funds transfer by giving a missed call to 7812900900. After the first successful funds transfer, an SMS communication will be sent to the customer. Thereafter, to confirm the genuineness of the transaction, Bank will make a verification call to the customer.

Specimen of the SMS is given below:

Dear Customer, Mobile no.xxxxxx1234 has done funds transfer through missed call. To continue to enjoy the facility, please respond to the bank's verification call or add beneficiary through FedNet – Federal Bank 

3. Upon successful verification, an SMS confirmation in the following lines will be given to the customer:

Verification of mobile number xxxxxxxxxx1234 for money transfer through missed call service is completed. We welcome you to enjoy the facility- Federal Bank 


How to initiate funds transfer?

Make a Missed Call to 7812900900


How to deactivate the facility ? 

To deactivate the facility, please send an SMS in the following format to 9895088888:

DACTMFT <space> Beneficiary mobile number


Important Notes

  • Missed call shall be made from the beneficiary's mobile number
  • Alerts will be sent to the customer and beneficiary, on successful completion of every funds transfer transaction.
  • Beneficiary mobile number once added by a customer, cannot be added further by another customer, without removing the previous entry.

Please read the terms and conditions for more details.