Want to become a Millionaire ?


Who doesn't want to be a millionaire ? Everyone does. This savings fund is a unique recurring deposit plan that lets you invest systematically over a period of time and makes you a millionaire on maturity.


  • Any Resident or NRI customer can open the Millionaire FSF (Federal Savings Fund) deposit.
  • Monthly installments can be made to this deposit by transfer from your SB or SBNRE account.
  • Facility to register standing instruction from your existing SB or SBNRE account also.
  • Installments are made from a part of your savings, in small amounts and hence it will not disrupt your financial planning.
  • Loan facility against the balance in account
  • Freely Repatriable for NRI customers
  • Premature withdrawal allowed, no interest will be paid before completion of 1 year for NRE Deposits. 


How much amount should you remit ?

Investment options for our Millionaire Deposit Schemes are given below. Monthly installment is calculated based on present interest rates on NRE Fixed Deposits. Monthly Installments are subject to change on revision of interest rates.


Period Monthly Installment Maturity Amount (in Rs.)
10 Year 5886 1 Million
9 Year 6780 1 Million
8 Year 7905 1 Million
7 Year 9360 1 Million
6 Year 11309 1 Million
5 Year 14050 1 Million
4 Year 18176 1 Million
3 Year 25071 1 Million


How to open Millionaire Federal Savings Deposit ?

There are no hassles to open Millionaire Federal Savings Fund. Please submit your contact details below. Our representatives will get in touch with you soon.

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