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Gone are the days when you needed to visit your Bank to update your passbook. Federal Bank introduces FedBook - a convenient and secure mobile app to get your Account passbook on your smartphone. Though, we are more than happy to serve you at our branch, we believe that your time is as valuable as your money. Unlike any other banking application, you need not fill in any application form- Just download FedBook app and start using it !

Why FedBook

FedBook mobile application offers you following advantages:

  • No phone calls and no wait for SMS alerts
  • Keep track of Savings, Current, Overdraft, Loans and Deposits accounts
  • Get your account statements anywhere anytime
  • Works online as well as offline
  • Track your clearing cheques
  • Real time transaction updates
  • Option to customize syncing interval
  • Facility to tag transactions and add personalized remarks for transactions
  • Search and filter facility to find a transaction
  • Multiple accounts view 
  • Facility for tracking of your loan accounts- details like Current balance, Interest rate, Loan period, Installment date, Installment Amount, Due Amount etc. is provided in the application.
  • Facility to view all your deposit accounts -RD , FD, Cash Certificates that you hold with our bank, along with details like Balance, Account Type, Interest rate, Open date, Maturity date, Period, Deposit Amount etc, sorted in the order of maturity dates.
  • Facility to view their non regularized cheques once it is presented at our clearing houses.

Download and Install FedBook

Transfer your funds to self
accounts, other accounts with
Federal Bank and accounts
with other banks

You receive an SMS in your mobile
which will contain the mPIN for FedBook
application. Enter the received mPIN in the
next screen.

The mPIN can be changed instantly
to your preference using the lock icon.

After logging in, you will directly
taken to the home page where you can
view your transactions.

Transfer your funds to self
accounts, other accounts with
Federal Bank and accounts
with other banks

  • How to activate FedBook ?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

You can activate FedBook by just sending an SMS from your mobile number which is registered with your bank account.3

SMS Format is given below:

FEDBOOK << Space >> 14 digit account number

SMS should be sent to 919895088888 or 5676762

FedBook App is available for Android and iOS based smartphones, Windows phones and for Blackberry Touch Phones. Go ahead and explore FedBook !

How can I change PIN of FedBook?
You can change the PIN at any time using the PIN change option available in the application at the login screen. (Using Lock icon). 
Will it work with all Smart phones?
FedBook is currently available for Android/iphone/ Windows and Blackberry Smartphones.
What are the charges for FedBook?
No charges are levied for FedBook.
How does it differ from Mobile/Internet banking?
Only mini statements are available in FedMobile, our mobile banking application. Both internet and mobile banking requires login using user ID and password along with internet connection for tracking account details, whereas FedBook can provide entire list of transaction by just entering 4 digit PIN. FedBook will update the details as and when connected to network and will save the updations automatically so that you can check details of transactions even in offline mode.
What is the minimum requirement?
FedBook just needs data connection (either GPRS / Wi-Fi) for updating the transactions from Bank's database. Once updated, you can track the details even if your mobile is not connected to internet.
What is the frequency at which the transactions would be updated on the application?
You can choose the syncing period, lowest one being 5 minutes.
Will it notify me when a new transaction happens?
Yes. Notification facilities on new transactions are available.
What is the maximum period for which the transaction history can be viewed?
You can track the transaction details for the past 999 days.
Can more than one account with bank be accessed on one mobile number?
FedBook will show the details of all SB, ODCC & Current accounts in which the mobile number is updated.
Will the transactions be updated on bank holidays and public holidays?
There is no connection with Bank holiday / Public Holiday. All your transactions will reflect instantly in this application. 
What are the security features attached to the product? 
An OTP is generated and sent to the your registered mobile number for authentication. There will be a verification call from Bank's contact centre to ensure authenticity (within 24 hours of activation). If the verification call is not completed successfully, Bank will block usage of FedBook in that particular mobile number. To maintain secrecy, you shall not reveal the 4 digit PIN number to others. Remember, this application only shows the transaction details; there is no option for executing transactions like fund transfer / bill payment.
What if my mobile number gets changed ?
You need to update the contact details in all the accounts through the branch and you can use the application from the new mobile number.
What is the process to block the access in case of loss of mobile?
You shall immediately contact Bank's Contact centre for blocking FedMobile / FedBook usage in your mobile number.
Can this facility be availed by current account holders?
Yes. SB, ODCC and Current account customers can use this application.
Can an NRI customer avail this facility?
Any SB /ODCC/ Current account customers irrespective of account scheme can enjoy this application. Moreover, NRIs will be the major beneficiaries of this application.
Can we search a particular transaction in FedBook?
Yes. Search option is available in FedBook. Customer can tag a transaction by entering the remarks in Remarks Tag facility and can search based on tag.(eg- A POS withdrawal of Rs 1000 can be tagged as Hotel Bill and can be searched later with keyword Hotel).