Your one-stop delivery point of alerts, secure OTPs as well as latest offers and products of Federal Bank. 

Federal Alert app is the industry’s first-of-its kind to push alerts through a secured application. The App intends to provide customers with a seamless delivery of OTP and alerts messages from the Bank. The app will deliver the messages instantly through a secure channel and tries to solve the issue of delayed SMS delivery due to unreliable network connectivity. The app will thus help you to move away from SMS channel to a highly secured platform for sensitive messages like OTPs and account information. 
Federal Alerts App keeps messages in a secured sandbox environment, decoupled from the native android messaging Application there by preventing access of your private One-Time-Password (OTP) to third party Apps in your phone, which makes FedAlert the most secure app for your financial alerts.  
The following services are provided through the App: 
• Receive secure OTP messages
• Promotional Alerts 
• Security Alerts 
• Promotional banners and product details

Once you download and install FedAlert, you may request your branch to de-register you from SMS alerts.

Terms and conditions 

Please send us your feedback and suggestions at contact@federalbank.co.in. For related queries, call us at 1800-425-1199 / 1800-420-1199(National Toll Free Number) or +91-484-2630995/2630995 (for Customers abroad).