Fed Flexi Smart SaverRD


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Fed Flexi Smart SaverRD

Fed Flexi Smart SaverRD is a variable recurring deposit scheme for NRI customers that comes to you with a lot of flexible features. It provides you with assured returns to meet your future requirements and is ideal for all segments of NRI customers. Open Fed Flexi Smart SaverRD, a truly unfixed Recurring Deposit scheme that is flexible, secured and smart.

  • Features & Benefits
  • How it works ?
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Interest rates
  • Flexible remittance options- No due date for monthly installments. Installments can be paid on any date in a month.
  • Deposit can be opened by NRI customers only
  • Minimum tenure of deposit: 12 months (No Interest will be earned if closed within a period of 12 months from opening the deposit account)
  • Maximum tenure of deposit: 60 months
  • Loan against deposit can be availed (upto 90% of the deposit amount) 
  • 100% tax free and freely repatriable
  • Passbook facility available
  • Viewing the account through FedNet Internet Banking enabled
  • Facility for fund transfer to Flexi Smart Saver RD through Fed Net available.
  • If there is no remittance in the account for 3 months continuously, the account will be disabled for further remittances.
  • Opening your Fed Flexi Smart SaverRD deposit is easy and simple. Just choose your core amount (X) and open the deposit account. Your monthly installments can be variable up to 10 times of the core amount which shall be in multiples of Rs.1.
  • For example, if you choose Rs.1000 as the core amount, your monthly installments can be any amount upto ten times the core amount chosen, i.e. Rs. 10000.
  • Only NRI customers are eligible to open Fed Flexi Smart SaverRD Deposit accounts
  • Minimum core amount for the scheme is Rs. 1000.00 (One thousand) and Maximum core amount is Rs. 1,00,000.00 (One Lac).
  • Only 1 remittance per month can be made. Please note that you will not be able to remit as monthly installment an amount that is less than the core amount that you have chosen at the time of opening the deposit.
  • Minimum tenure of deposit is 12 months. No interest will be paid by the Bank if the deposit is closed within 12 months of opening the same.
  • Maximum tenure of deposit is 60 months. 
  • Interest is applied on daily product with half yearly compounding.

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